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Dish PD1008

catNo. PD1008
Size: 150mm * 15mm
Dishes/Sleeve: 10
Dishes/Box: 200

Disposable stackable culture dish(PD1008)



Product features:

• Round foot to keep it stable.

• Round the top edge of the dish prevents it from slipping when stacking.

• Support point in the dish for ventilation.

• Deeper dish accommodates extra media volume.

• Increased media volume allows longer culture periods.

• Ideal for seed germination testing.

• Disposable (single use) polystyrene petri dish for general microbiological use.

• Molded from medical-grade virgin polystyrene.

• Optically clear.

• Radiation sterilized.

• Contents sterile if sleeve is unopened.

• Ventilation ribs allow for free air circulation and reduce condensation during incubation.

• Flared lid skirt and squared corners for easy one-hand operation, especially with gloves.